Pesach shiur 31 new things 5776 
  • Each year we begin the Passover Seder with the invitation of Ha Lachma Anya where we recite the line that, “All who are hungry come and eat.” The holiday of Passover more so than any other holiday enjoins us to recognize that we cannot celebrate unless the entire Jewish community is included. As a community we are interdependent and we must support each other however we can. Sharing and aiding our needy brethren through Ma’ot Chittim is therefore an essential part of our preparation for Passover.

    In this spirit year after year, our Synagogue has provided assistance to needy families throughout the Capital Region and Israel. If you cannot, or feel uncomfortable giving directly to someone locally, you may make a donation to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund by sending a check to the office or donating online below. All donations will then be distributed before Passover to those in need.

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