Sale of Chametz

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Sale of Chametz

  • One way to avoid the prohibition of owning chametz on Pesach is to sell it to a non-Jew. It is customary to appoint the Rabbi as one’s agent to transact this sale. You may use this form to appoint Rabbi Feldman as your agent. Since ideally, one should appoint one’s agent directly, it is best to give this form to Rabbi Feldman. He will be available at the shul for authorizing the sale of Chametz after morning and evening services (except Shabbat) from Friday morning, March 23 to Friday morning, March 30, or by appointment. If it is impossible for you to see Rabbi Feldman personally, please fill out the form and make sure it reaches the synagogue by Friday, March 30, no later than 9:00 AM. The sale of Chametz is a legal transaction in which the buyer becomes the full owner of the Chametz. For the sale to be considered a serious transaction, the buyer must be able to have access to his goods. If you are going away for Pesach, please indicate where your keys can be found or how the buyer may enter your residence on the form.


    I, the undersigned, fully empower and permit Rabbi Roy Y. Feldman, of 380 Whitehall Road, Albany, New York, to sell, transfer, and assign all Chametz of whatever kind and nature I possess or in which I may have an interest, knowingly or unknowingly, wherever situated, and to lease all places in which Chametz may be found, in my residence, or in my place of business, or in any other place, without reservation and limitation.

  • The places where Chametz may be found can be accessed by contacting me at:
  • If I am away, the keys to my home can be found with:
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