Lectures & Classes

Torah and Teatt

For the last few years, the weekly Torah and Tea learning session, open to all learning levels and abilities, has provided members with profound insights into the Torah and a relevance to our tradition in a warm and inviting atmosphere. With a constantly growing group of avid, passionate, and committed learners, all participants walk away from each session with a new understanding and appreciation for the text.

Daf Yomi

The daily Daf Yomi members are one of the most dedicated groups at CBAJ. Beginning each morning at 5:55 am before minyan, members study the daily folio, or page of the day, of Talmud. Recently this study group celebrated the completion of studying every page of Talmud. Together with Jews around the world, CBAJ Daf Yomi members participated in the Siyum HaShas, the completion of the Talmud.

Parent Child Learning 2

Parent Child Learning

Parent Child Learning is another popular and exciting venue for families to learn together, connecting Jewish values and children’s daily lives. Featuring delicious pizza, engaging Torah learning and amazing prizes, CBAJ is truly a destination for families to learn and grow together throughout the year.


Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learns provide an opportunity on Shabbat morning to engage in different forms of learning following the conclusion of davening. With an array of different speakers on a diverse set of topics, there is always something for everyone at a Lunch and Learn. Following the learning, all are invited to continue their conversations over a delicious sponsored Shabbat lunch.

Kiddush Conversations

Each week, a different member of the congregation offers insights into the weekly Torah portion or a topic related to holidays or Jewish philosophy, followed by a brief discussion. This series offers an opportunity to appreciate the diverse perspectives that CBAJ members bring to the community.

Rabbi Reissman & Rabbi Frand Broadcasts

Rabbi Yissocher Frand
Rabbi Frand gives an enormously popular shiur every Thursday night (9 PM EST) which is broadcast live from Baltimore MD. The lecture is a Halacha shiur based on the Parasha.

Rabbi Yisroel Reisman
Rabbi Reisman’s navi shiur every Motzei Shabbat at Ahi Ezer in Brooklyn NY is attended by over one thousand people! Please check the Shabbat notes for the time of this shiur.