We Have Launch!

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Torah 365 has officially launched! Our yearlong community-wide learning of Pirkei Avot is now under way! This past Shabbat at CBAJ we had our official Torah 365 launch party featuring a lecture by Rabbi Lehrfield introducing Pirkei Avot followed by some group learning of the first few Mishna’s.

What makes Torah 365 so special is that there are no rules in how, when, or for how long you study the weekly Mishna’s. In addition to Torah 365 learning opportunities here at CBAJ (every Shabbat following services), we encourage you to study these Mishna’s at home at your Shabbat table, at work, or even with friends over coffee. Share with others and keep us posted via email or on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CBAJShul about Torah 365 learning groups and opportunities that you create. Make sure to check back weekly at www.cbaj.org for the latest Torah 365 information, events, and resources.

We are excited to share that so far there are more than 220 families in the Capital Region participating in Torah 365! It is incredibly exciting to think about what we are all about to undertake together. At any given time, each of us will be studying the same Torah texts, sharing a common Torah language, creating a community of learning here at CBAJ. What a beautiful and inspiring way to kick off the New Year of 5776.

It is not too late to sign up and join Torah 365. If you or a friend is interested in registering please visit www.cbaj.org/Torah365. May our study together not only elevate each of us, but also elevate our entire community and congregation to new heights.