Welcome to Week 2!!

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Welcome to week Number 2 of our Torah 365 learning! This Shabbat 10/17 we continue our study of Pirkei Avot with Chapter 1 Mishna’s 4-7 (pages 9-13).  Our learning this week comes in the backdrop of the incredibly difficult and scary situation currently in Israel. The string of terrorist attacks have now left Jews afraid to walk the streets of our own country. As the world continues to remain silent in the face of this latest round of grotesque terrorism, Israel needs our support. Not only must we daven for Israel by keeping her in our thoughts and prayers, but we must also find other ways to actively stand up and support Israel:

  • Reach out to your local member of Congress to vocally support Israel in the face of this new terror campaign.
  • Check in with friends and family in Israel to let them know that we stand with them.
  • Make a contribution to support the families that have been torn apart in the latest wave of terror attacks through organizations like the One Family Fund (https://secure.onefamilyfund.org) or through our local Jewish Federation (http://jewishfedny.org).

This week we dedicate our Torah 365 learning of Pirkei Avot to a speedy resolution to the situation in Israel. May our collective learning this week as individuals, families, and as a community merit a quick and peaceful end to the horrific violence in Israel. May G-d continue to protect and keep our brothers and sisters, our friends and family, living in Israel safe and secure.