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CBAJ COVID/Vaccine Policy Effective 10/2021


The following will now be our COVID policy standards, applicable to members, guests and visitors, and staff, for all activities including Shabbat, weekly services, meetings, gatherings, special events and celebratory services held at CBAJ

1. All Individuals, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear masks* - that fully covers the mouth and nose - for all indoor activities and gatherings at CBAJ. 

*Acceptable masks are either a two-ply (or more) cloth material or a surgical mask. Gaiters, scarves, etc. do not protect you or the others in the room in the same way.  To learn more about appropriate masks, see the  CDC guidelines here  

Despite the current update that everyone needs to wear a mask indoors, we continue to welcome individuals to register their vaccine status and the status of those in your household, please complete the following form:  CBAJ Vaccine Status Form * see updates regarding registering under new kiddush/eating indoor section below. 

2. Anyone who has symptoms of any illness or is not feeling well is strongly encouraged to stay home, irrespective of vaccination status. 

3. We will continue to maintain our seating with some distancing between attendees, using the sanctuary + social hall (fully open room divider). 

For kiddish indoors, the following protocols will apply, effective immediately: 
Who may eat indoors:

  • *all attendees who are eligible for vaccination and wish to eat inside must be vaccinated and attest to this by completing this form. If you completed the form earlier this year, you do not need to do it again now except if/when your children receive their vaccinations.
  • children who are not eligible for vaccination may still attend and eat at kiddish.
  •  if you bring a guest to CBAJ for kiddush, please advise them of our policy and ask them to complete this form
  • we will keep printed copies of these guidelines near the Whitehall Road entrance so that on Shabbat and holiday mornings, the greeters can share them with visitors to our congregation. 

During kiddish:

  • Attendees must continue to wear masks that cover their nose and mouth except while eating. 
  • It is especially important that all attendees be fully masked while taking food from the buffet tables indoors. 
  • Attendees may remove their masks only while eating, and this may be done only while seated at a table in the social hall. 
  • No food may be eaten anywhere inside the building except in the social hall. 
  • Anyone who is too young to be eligible for vaccination must sit with their family while eating. (We may elect to restore the toddler table at a later time.)
  • Anyone who is not comfortable remaining in the social hall while others are eating with masks off is encouraged to remain and socialize elsewhere in the building indoors while masked, or outdoors without limitation, and may take packaged kiddish snacks or a beverage with them (take-away). 
  • Masks are optional for everyone who is vaccinated while talking or eating outdoors.
Updates regarding Children
  • Children are welcome and important members of CBAJ and are welcome at kiddish both indoors and out. 
  • Children of kindergarten age and over must wear masks while in our building. For younger children, masks are optional depending on parental preference. 
  • Children of any age can be in the sanctuary/social hall, chapel, playroom, and hallways provided that they do not disrupt services. A parent should supervise children who are not attending a children's service. 
  • Please do not bring children who are actively sick to synagogue.
Updates regarding speaking from the Bima:
The Rabbi and anyone else speaking from the Bima may remove their mask for the duration of their remarks in order to ensure that everyone in the space can hear them. Speakers must be fully vaccinated according to vaccine eligibility.  (At this time, we will continue to require masking of the Ba'alei Tefilla and Torah readers.)

Wed, December 8 2021 4 Tevet 5782