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Shabbat Kiddush Sponsor form

Thank you for sponsoring a Shabbat Kiddush! 


Kiddush has become a vital part of Shabbat at CBAJ 
as it does much to create friendships and strengthen our community.
Kiddush is an opportunity to experience the warm Shul atmosphere
so important to us all.  

A Shabbat Kiddush can be sponsored in honor of a special occasion,
such as a birthday or an anniversary. 
Sponsoring a Shabbat Kiddush can also be an opportunity to honor a 
family member, a friend,  or to be in honor of the community.

Please complete the fields below. 

Contact the office at  or 518.489.5819 x3 with any questions

Once your request is submitted, we will contact you to confirm
availability of the date you request. 


Subject to availability
Please provide your celebratory or honorary announcement details to be included in our Shabbat Notes
Enter any questions or details regarding your request to sponsor a Shabbat Kiddush
Thank you ! 
Mon, June 5 2023 16 Sivan 5783