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At the core of Congregation Beth Abraham-Jacob’s mission is a commitment to developing a warm, fun, and educational environment for the youth of our synagogue. CBAJ strives to provide meaningful and positive Jewish experiences for all of the children in our community through weekly Shabbat morning and afternoon programming, Saturday night and Sunday morning events, and NCSY programming. In addition, youth programs are led and organized by trained and dynamic Youth Directors and Advisors who act as positive Jewish role models for the children of our community.

Shabbat Morning Groups

The keystone of Shabbat programming is Shabbat Morning Groups where children learn to love coming to Shul and experience Shabbat. These groups are fun, educational, and capped off with delicious kid-friendly snacks. Children study the Torah portion, celebrate the chagim, listen to stories, play educational games and participate in other educational experiences and activities to help discover the special meaning and joy of Shabbat. Shabbat Morning Groups provide a safe, fun, social, and educational alternative through an age-appropriate Shabbat experience.

Upcoming Youth Events

Non-Shabbat programs such as Sukkah Decorating, Movie Nights, the Youth Hike, Apple Picking, and other exciting trips are all a part of the holistic Jewish experience that CBAJ Youth get. These fun events provide children the opportunity to experience and feel positive about their Judaism not only on Shabbat but during the week as well. Participating in these programs help children feel a part of both their own community as well as the broader Jewish community. 

Upstate New York NCSY

Upstate NY NCSY is a tight-knit region of NCSY’s national youth group where Jewish teens are encouraged to grow into leaders. We strive to create a positive, non-coercive environment that empowers teens to make informed and educated choices that further their commitment to passionate Judaism. We provide a range of educational programs on the regional and chapter level.

We believe in teaching though example, and our hand-picked advisors and staff model a diverse, passionate, open–minded and enthusiastic approach to Jewish life. NCSY enables each teen to fulfill his or her personal potential as a Jew, as a leader and as a valued community member.

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